A twelve point cookbook against cybercrime

Hackers and more

Most hackers are just “regular” businessman. They make use of old systems, sloppy habits and curiosity. Don’t be an easy target and test your defense regularly.

Behind the wall

If your security is breached, the impact will be highly depending on how well prepared you are.  Take a moment to review your disaster recovery plan, cyber insurance coverage and communication plan.

Privacy guaranteed?

New privacy regulations demands identification of process-handling of personal information. Who has access? Where is it stored? And how do you manage personal data in outsourced information systems?

Our Cyber-defense Framework is based on 3 main areas:

Behavioral training & testing


Process & control assessment

Why choose us?

ALSTROM Cyber is an independent global IT company dedicated to safeguard your IT environment.

IT Works!

Our methods and solutions are tested in numerous real business IT network environments. They are highly effective and easy to implement.

We are reliable

The staff at ALSTROM Cyber are, without exception, multiple certified and highly talented. The company itself works according to ISO27001:2013, ISO9001, NEN7510 and ISAE3402 (type II) standards.

We communicate

Although at ALSTROM Cyber we have extensive knowledge on technical aspects of cyber defense we are not “nerdy” We communicate in plain English.  Tell you exact what you need to know, so you can make the right decisions to improve your cyber defense


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